English for Workforce Competence

AMIDEAST trainers work with private companies, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and nongovernmental organizations to identify special training needs and develop programs tailored to meet them. In many cases, training covers a multi-year period, helping to build capacity needed in today’s competitive global environment.  Individual representatives are encouraged to contact country offices in the countries where they operate for additional information.

Some of the sectors in which we are engaged in contributing to workforce development include:

English Language Training for Air Traffic Controllers and Airline Pilots

AMIDEAST has worked with Tunisia’s air traffic controllers and pilots for nearly two decades to raise their proficiency in aviation English to the international aviation industry’s standards.

English Skills for Egyptian Tourism

Working with Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and its tourism industry. AMIDEAST is improving the English language proficiency and cross-cultural skills of 100,000 front-line tourism workers as Egypt seeks to grow its international tourism sector.

English for International Agencies

Working with the European Commission and United Nations agencies, AMIDEAST is assisting local professionals in international organizations to improve their language proficiency to operate more effectively. 

For more information please contact our English Language Training Director, Helena Simas at Hsimas@amideast.org