English Language Programs

English language skills open doors of opportunity

Interest in learning English- the leading language of business communication across the region- is growing exponentially. Our programs assist students of all ages and backgrounds to acquire confidence in oral and written English.

We offer both general English language training and specialized instruction for professionals in specific areas. We design courses tailored to the specialized needs of individual organizations, businesses, and government agencies. In addition, AMIDEAST is involved in training English teachers and providing technical assistance to large and small businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and nongovernmental organizations.

Our work in this area includes:


AMIDEAST's English language classes cover a full range of proficiency levels- mapped to the Common European Framework- based on a highly interactive, learner-centered approach. Check out the country page for the country where you are located for further information on course offerings.  [ + ]


For an increasing number of students in the region, English is important to achieving their broader academic goals. AMIDEAST has developed and managed the University Preparatory Program (UPP) for the King Faisal Foundation in Saudi Arabia to develop English, math, science and computer skills of high school graduates seeking to go on to university. [ + ]


For over 50 years, AMIDEAST has worked to train English language professionals. AMIDEAST now offers the highly accredited PCELT Teacher Certification course to qualified individuals. [ + ]


Large and small companies and ministries seeking to improve staff performance and organizational capacity have sought our tailored English language programs for managers, lawyers, engineers, pilots, journalists, and others. [ + ]