Through English language training and professional skills development, AMIDEAST is helping to develop global communication and workforce skills necessary to support successful regional economies. 

We work with men and women of all ages who are eager to expand their opportunities.  We also partner with businesses and public agencies to train workers in specialized English and provide basic business skills to youth and others seeking to transition into the job market.


  • English Language Programs Interest in learning English – the leading language of business communication across the region – is growing exponentially. Our programs assist students of all ages acquire confidence in oral and written English language skills.  [ + ]
  • Entrepreneurship Training Through training, support activities and mentoring networks, AMIDEAST is working with local and international partners to empower aspiring entrepreneurs across the Middle East and North Africa.   [ + ]
  • Empowering Youth & Women  We are providing English language, leadership, entrepreneurship, and lifelong communication skills to underserved youth and women to help them acquire the tools and information needed to meet the challenges of the future.  [ + ]
  • Workforce Skills Development  Through skills training and employability initiatives, AMIDEAST is helping individuals in the MENA region to develop the skills required for the competitive global economy of the 21st century.   [ + ]