Skills for Success®

Program Summary

Skills for Success® is an employability skills training program developed by AMIDEAST to improve the job entry prospects for high school and university graduates seeking to enter and succeed in the competitive job markets of the Middle East and North Africa. This new initiative addresses the skills mismatch that underlies the high rates of youth unemployment in the MENA region. It also seeks to foster global communication and contribute to the region's economic development.  

Skills for Success was piloted in Egypt during 2012 with funding from the Boeing Company and the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Beginning in 2014, Skills for Success-Employability Skills for Arab Women is being offered through the endorsement of the Union for the Mediterranean to benefit unemployed young female graduates in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia.  In September 2015, the International Labor Organization (ILO) agreed to fund Women@Work, an employability skills training program based on Skills for Success, targeting 200 unemployed women ages 21 to 26 who have graduated from public universities in Egypt.


Skills for Success®

Many fresh graduates and young professionals have acquired specific technical skills within their chosen field of study. However, employers today are looking for more than just technical skills; they value essential, transferable job skills such as English language proficiency, problem solving, critical thinking, and computer skills. To help address this need, AMIDEAST has developed Skills for Success, consisting of four core components:

By zeroing in on skills valued in today’s workforce, Skills for Success helps participants overcome the hurdle of the “skills mismatch” that undermines the job prospects of many young MENA youth, and enhances their chances of finding employment and career success.


Program Goals

Through the Skills for Success program, AMIDEAST aims to:

  • Provide a comprehensive training program designed to
    • Equip recent graduates and entry-level professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the global business environment. 
    • Contribute significantly to an individual’s successful job placement and effective participation in today’s global workforce.
    • Address the challenge of economic empowerment facing women and underserved youth in the MENA region.
  • Develop a scalable, customizable training program that allows AMIDEAST to work with international and regional partners in support of mutually shared goals of expanding opportunities for youth and advancing economic development in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Arrange financial and corporate sponsorships and provide program and fiscal administration services to support the work of international and regional training and economic development partners. 

Highlights of Skills for Success-Employability Skills for Arab Women

  • Skills for Success – Employability Skills for Arab Women is specifically designed for young women in the MENA who are secondary-school graduates seeking to contribute to the workforce and better their lives.
  • In 2014, the Union for the Mediterranean formally launched Skills for Success in support of its efforts to advance the socioeconomic empowerment of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
  • By labelling the Skills for Success program, the UfM paved the way for European donors to help fund and expand the program to other countries, eventually benefiting up to as many as 1,800 women in the MENA.
  • Thanks to funding from the Norwegian Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Flemish Department of Foreign Affairs, implementation began in 2014 in Jordan and Morocco. The program was then expanded to Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia in 2014-2015. A total of 450 women ― 90 in each country ― will eventually participate in the 320 hour training program.

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