What is the ITP? 


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What is the ITP?

Two English language proficiency tests are offered through the Institutional Testing Program (ITP)the TOEFL ITP, designed for intermediate and advanced students of English, and the Pre-TOEFL, for beginning or intermediate-level students. Both are multiple-choice tests that measure listening comprehension, structure and written expression, and reading comprehension. The Pre-TOEFL also includes vocabulary questions. The TOEFL ITP takes 115 minutes to complete while the Pre-TOEFL takes 70 minutes.


Where do I get a ITP examinee handbook?

AMIDEAST maintains a supply of test handbooks with information about the ITP.Information on the exam content is also available at the TOEFL Web site


Where and when can I take the ITP?

The ITP is offered by arrangement, generally through an employer or other sponsoring organization. Tests may be given at AMIDEAST or other sites on specified dates.  


How do I register?

If you would like to take the ITP (and you will not be registering through a school or other organization), please contact AMIDEAST for registration information.  


How do I prepare for the ITP?

It is important for you to be familiar with the kinds of questions asked on the ITP. There are several ways to prepare.

  • Visit the TOEFL Web site
  • Do the sample questions in the ITP examinee handbook and TOEFL bulletin
  • Purchase TOEFL preparation materials from AMIDEAST
  • Take a test preparation class at AMIDEAST  


What do I do on the day of the test?

Arrive at the testing site at the assigned time. Check-in procedures take time. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted to the test, and you will forfeit your test fees. Bring photobearing identification.  


What about my scores?

AMIDEAST will receive your scores within one to two weeks of the test date and will pass score information on to you and the institution that asked you to take the ITP.ITP scores are for use by the administering institutions only and no transcript service is available. Individuals who wish to have score reports sent to additional institutions or agencies need to take the official TOEFL test.