Student Resources

Curious about what to bring on program or what other students have said about our program? We offer a range of resources for prospective and current students.


Our country-specific student handbooks are a great resource for students, dealing with questions of academics, housing, and even packing! We do update the handbook regularly, so there may be changes.


Financial Policies

All applicants must sign (via their Student Portal) our Financial Policies before submitting their application to an Amideast Education Abroad program. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the policies, which include information on fees, deposits, refunds, and other financial issues.



We ask all students to sign a Student Agreement and Release prior to participating on a program. Students going onsite should review the Student Agreement & Release for Onsite Programs and students on the Virtual Learning and Cultural Exchange Program should review the Student Agreement and Release for VCE.



Students may travel independently during the program, but students must follow the Amideast Education Abroad Travel Policy and register their travel via the online portal. For travel within the host country, students must register their travel 24 hours in advance of departure; for international travel, students must follow the guidelines in the travel policy. Students may travel on the weekends or between sessions but are not allowed to miss classes or other mandatory activities. Failure to follow the Amideast Education Abroad Travel Policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the program.

Please note: While this policy is in place during normal times, due to coronavirus testing and quarantining procedures upon entry into host countries, participants should expect restrictions to independent travel outside of and within the host country on the basis of host country and program policies and guidelines. Read our latest updates on our blog.



Many of our students have shared their experiences with us through blog posts, photo essays, videos, and more. Take a look at what previous students have shared regarding their homestays, excursions, and class schedules!



If you'd like to speak with an alum of a program you are interested in, please contact us and we'll put you in touch!



Do you have questions or concerns you'd like to speak directly with our staff about? Sign up for an appointment with someone from our team.


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