Housing & Meals

All students are required to live in Amideast-provided housing for the duration of their onsite program.
Depending on which program you choose, you may live in a...
Once accepted into the program, students will fill out the housing preferences questionnaire in the online portal. This information will help us find you a suitable home for your program, as well as pair you with a roommate. Out of respect for norms in our programs' host countries, all housing is comprised of single-sex placements.
For a complete list of housing policies, please see the Student Agreement & Release for Onsite Programs located under Student Resources; this page also contains the Student Handbooks that can provide country-specific advice on food and housing.




Homestays provide students with a window into local culture; this unique experience will give you a window into the important role family plays in MENA society as well as how the local community affects family life. Most of the time, there will be two students placed with each host family.
Each homestay family is carefully selected from among our host family network. Many families have hosted a series of students and are in tune with the program and student experience. Someone in the family will be able to communicate in English, though homestay families are also a great way to practice the target language, whether it be Colloquial Arabic or French (in Morocco or Tunisia). 
The homestay option also includes breakfast and dinner for the duration of the program. Students are responsible for their own lunches. 
Check out our blog, where former students share their experiences with their host families. Living with a host family is a memorable, rewarding, yet challenging program component that will require adaptation on the part of the student. There will be differences of standards of privacy and personal independence compared to what is common on college campuses. Host families often treat students as part of the family and include them in their daily activities and family outings. These experiences are best approached with flexibility, an open mind, and a positive attitude. 
Students WILL NOT receive their roommate or homestay placement until they arrive in country for the start of their program. Students usually bring their host family a small gift that represents their particular culture, region, or home institution, though this is not required. Students also usually bring photos of family and friends to share.


Students enrolled in the American University in Dubai (AUD) Direct Enroll Program will go directly to AUD where they will stay in student residence halls. Students have the option of a single or double room depending on their preference. Housing arrangements will be made by AUD and more information can be found on their Accommodations page.


Students with dietary restrictions (e.g., vegetarian) or food-based allergies (e.g., shellfish) will need to include this information in the questionnaires in the student portal. Homestays can accommodate most diets, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Restaurants and grocery stores also cater to a variety of diets.