Courses & Syllabi

Our programs offer a variety of Arabic and Area Studies courses that vary by location and term.

In each of our program locations, local faculty members develop quality courses for each Education Abroad Program. In collaboration with local Academic and Arabic Coordinators, faculty offer content specialized for each program. As scholars, professionals, or policymakers with extensive experience in the region, Amideast faculty members teach courses based on firsthand experience.

The syllabi for our Area and Arabic Studies courses are available online. We try to keep these syllabi up to date, but keep in mind that they are always subject to change. 



All Amideast EdAbroad classes are held at Amideast's local centers, located in the heart of the capital cities. Each center has modern classrooms, a student lounge, internet access, and a small library.

Our programs have 15-25 students on average, with a maximum enrollment of 45 students, so your classes will be small and maximize the student-to-faculty ratio.

You will be able to choose your classes prior to the start of your program as part of the post-acceptance Course Selection Form on the Amideast Online LMS pre-departure portal. There is an add/drop period at the start of each term if you want to change your chosen courses. Course assignments are made on a first-come-first-serve basis, so fill it out as soon as possible!

All students with previous Arabic experience are required to complete a pre-departure written exam and an oral placement test upon arrival to their host country. These placement tests will determine the level appropriate for their Arabic language proficiency.



YES, students need to bring all Arabic textbooks with them. Rarely, area studies courses may also require students to bring some books with them. Many of these books are unavailable or very expensive in the host country. Amideast staff will notify you of any textbooks that you need to purchase in advance of your program. 

Students taking the 8-credit blended Modern Standard & Colloquial Arabic course in the semester programs or 6-credit blended Modern Standard & Colloquial Arabic in the summer programs will need the THIRD EDITION of Al-Kitaab fi Ta'allum Al Arabiya.



  • Blended Modern Standard & Colloquial Arabic: 120 contact hours, 8 credits 
  • Colloquial Arabic: 45 contact hours, 3 credits 
  • Content/Elective Courses: 45 contact hours, 3 credits


SUMMER Programs

Intensive Arabic

  • Blended Modern Standard & Colloquial Arabic: 100 contact hours/session, 6 credits 


Action Amideast

  • Colloquial Arabic, or Tunisian Sign Language (must be fluent in ASL): 15 contact hours, 1 credit
  • Community-Based Learning: 45 contact hours, 3 credits
  • Placement: 150 placement hours, 2 credits


Conflict & the Struggle for Peace: Visit The Foundation for International Education for more information.