If you believe that you would need any type of accommodation, please contact us to begin a conversation.
Participants seeking a wide range of accommodations study with us successfully all the time.

Our onsite and virtual programs work to be inclusive so participants of all identities can participate fully, successfully, and rewardingly.

Support for doing so may include, but is not limited to, any of these accommodations:

  • Extra time to sit for an exam
  • Accessible course materials (e.g., compatible with screen readers or large print documents)
  • Flexibility of assignment due dates
  • Arrangements to allow for the celebration of religious holidays
  • Housing in apartments to allow for the accompaniment of dependents or caregivers
  • Logistical arrangements for service animals
  • Assist with arrangements for routine or ongoing medical care
  • Coordinate arrangements to assist with mobility-related needs


If you think you may need any accommodations to facilitate your virtual or in-country study abroad experience, please email us at to start that conversation.