If you believe that you would need any type of accommodation, please contact us to begin a conversation.


Academic accommodations can be made for a variety of reasons. Examples of reasonable accommodations include extra time to sit for an exam, arranging for flexibility of assignment due dates, or large print documents.
Please detail your accommodations in the online portal. Contact your university’s office that handles accommodations and have them provide us a copy of your accommodations or upload it to the student portal. 



Our programs make good-faith efforts to accommodate for religious observances as required by a student's religious practice or belief without academic penalty unless granding the accommodation would create undue hardship** for AMIDEAST.
Upon request, students may be excused form classes, examinations, or other program-organized activities for the observance of the religious holy day(s). It is the responsibility of the student to review the academic calendar and course syllabi at the beginning of the term and to consult with AMIDEAST staff promptly regarding any possible conflicts. To request an excused absence for religious observance, the student must submit a written request to at least two weeks before the date of the holy day(s). In consultation with the host country staff, the Director of Education Abroad will review the request and inform the student whether the absence will be excused.
Excused absences from classes or exams will not be counted against attendance requirements, but they do not relieve the student from responsibility of any required coursework. Examples of reasonable accommodations include allowing for a make-up exam, altering the time of a presentation, or housing accommodations that reasonably support a student's adherence to religious dietary restrictions. 



If you are unable to attend a program unless a dependent family member accompanies you, this would require an exception to our policies. Please note that any additional costs (i.e., housing, child care, elder care, etc.) related to bringing additional family members will be borne solely by the student and additional waivers may be required.



If you require accommodations for a disability, please email our team. Unfortunately our region is often not very disability-friendly, but all reasonable accommodations will be considered.
**Undue hardship is defined as significant difficulty or expense based on AMIDEAST's resources and circumstances in relationship to the cost or difficulty of providing a specific accommodation. Undue hardship may refer to financial difficulty in providing an accommodation or accommodations that are unduly expensive, substantial, disruptive, or that would fundamentally alter academic requirements, or the nature or operation of AMIDEAST's business.