Al Akhawayn University Direct Enroll

Direct enroll at AUI in Ifrane, Morocco for a semester or a full academic year!
Students on the steps on AUI's Ifrane campus

Al Akhwayan University (AUI)

This program offers a diverse curriculum through direct enrollment at AUI, an English-language Moroccan university patterned on the American model of higher education. Students usually take 15 credits per semester and may choose from any of the course offerings listed in the AUI catalog. Students at AUI live in residence halls on the 98-acre campus in Ifrane, Morocco.

For more information on things like library access, use of laptops, or to learn more about the AUI campus, click here.


Moroccan Arabic & Culture

This is a mandatory 1-credit orientation at the AMIDEAST center in Rabat prior to the start of the AUI semester. Students will take 15 hours of Colloquial Moroccan Arabic instruction and several lectures/activities in preparation for immersion. Students will stay with a host family for this 10-day program.


Program Costs And Calendar

Visit our Program Brochure for up-to-date costs, calendars, and more.