Tunisia Summer Abroad

Students on our summer program will learn about Tunisia’s unique position in the Arab world through a community-based learning course and service learning project. Immersion in a local workplace will allow students to enhance their knowledge of Tunisian society and colloquial Arabic.

In Tunisia the AMIDEAST Education Abroad EXPERIENCE is:


The northern-most country in Africa, Tunisia is continually in flux, playing a significant role in regional dynamics. Long before the Arab Spring, Tunisia has been known as one of the most historically significant and culturally rich countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Distinctly Mediterranean, Tunisia’s landscape features balmy beaches to the north and the sultry Sahara to the south, with lush green forests in between. AMIDEAST students learn about Tunisia’s unique culture and position in the Arab World through daily exploration and coursework.


Tunisia’s rich, unique history sets it apart from the rest of the Arab World. Featuring an admixture of cultures over three millennia—Berber, Phoenician, Roman, Turkish, French, Italian, Arab - and of religions—Christian, Muslim and Jewish—all have marked the landscape with their architecture, food, language, and means of self-identification. Students will come to identify and appreciate Tunisia’s intricacies and historical beauty through course work and regular interaction with everyday Tunisians.


AMIDEAST students have the opportunity to not only explore the extraordinary mosques, striking deserts, and Roman ruins of Tunisia, but also to give back to the Tunisian community. Service activities are organized as the participants live alongside Tunisian students and directly contribute to their advancement in English. Acting as English language partners and group conversation leaders, students promote cross-cultural discovery and understanding. Opportunities abound for Americans to build lasting, deep friendships with young Tunisians.