A Call For Tolerance

AMIDEAST strongly condemns the offensive film that has inflamed passions across the Middle East and abhors, as do the vast majority of Americans, the hateful intentions behind it. Such actions must not be allowed to undermine the bonds of friendship that exist between Americans and the peoples of the Middle East. AMIDEAST likewise strongly condemns the senseless violence that caused the deaths this week of four American diplomats in Libya, who were there to assist the Libyan people rebuild their country. Peaceful demonstrations are a right, but there is no justification for violence. At this painful moment we should take a step back and remind ourselves of the importance of educational and cultural activities that raise awareness and tolerance of different points of view, of the need for a commitment to resolve differences through dialogue, and of the value of exhibiting mutual respect and understanding – goals that have been at the heart of the AMIDEAST mission for over 60 years.

          — Issued September 14, 2012