AMIDEAST-Cisco Partnership Will Help Palestinian Entrepreneurs

AMIDEAST will soon launch a Cisco Entrepreneur Institute in Ramallah, making the successful entrepreneurship training program available to aspiring entrepreneurs in the West Bank. High turnout for a demo workshop, co-sponsored by Souktel, underscored the strong interest in acquiring these types of skills in Palestine. AMIDEAST expects to hold the first Cisco Entrepreneur Institute workshops later this spring and has established a presence on Facebook, where it is actively sharing information of interest to prospective entrepreneurs.

The Institute will offer the same mix of state-of-the-art training, networking, and business resources already offered by the Cisco Entrepreneur Institutes that AMIDEAST operates in Lebanon and Oman in partnership with Cisco Systems, worldwide leader in networking technology. In addition to helping local entrepreneurs improve their skills and enhance business development opportunities, it will provide a forum for owners of small and medium-sized businesses to collaborate and share business expertise.  AMIDEAST plans to recruit volunteer mentors from the business community to build a local mentoring network to assist participants as they plan their new ventures. 

Through the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute, AMIDEAST will not only become a source of practical business insights for aspiring Palestinian entrepreneurs and facilitate knowledge sharing with local business leaders. It will also show participants how to take advantage of technology to speed business growth. Already, it has developed a partnership with the Palestinian ICT Incubator (PICTI), which provides seed money and professional business services to Palestinian entrepreneurs with unique and innovative ICT products that have a strong market potential.  


―  Appeared in AMIDEAST Impact Newsletter, January/ February 2011