Leadership and Teacher Development (LTD) Program

Program Summary

Launched in May 2012, the Leadership and Teacher Development (LTD) Program is a comprehensive education reform initiative focused on improving the quality of education in the West Bank and Gaza. The four-year USAID-funded initiative, which employs an evidence-based approach to leadership and teacher development, is implemented by AMIDEAST and the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) in support of the ministry's goals of providing capacity to school principals, supervisors and teachers to work together to improve classroom instruction; establishing a national cadre of teacher and leadership educators that meet MoEHE standards for instruction and supervision; enhancing the quality of education delivery through improved policies, systems and structures related to lead­ership and teacher development; and improving preservice teacher education in Gaza. LTD builds on the successes of the Model School Network (MSN) Project, an initiative implemented by AMIDEAST on behalf of USAID between 2007 and 2012.


Main Goals

  • Enhance policies, structures and systems within the MoEHE to support leadership and teacher development

  • Improve the capacity of school principals, supervisors and teachers to work together to improve classroom instruction

  • Establish a national cadre of teacher and leadership educators that meet MoEHE standards for instruction and supervision

  • Improve pre-service teacher education in Gaza



  • Creation of a school-based community of educators made up of supervisors from 17 districts as well as teachers and principals from 300 public schools in the West Bank. By sharing a common understanding of good teaching practice gained from a range of in-service professional development experiences, these communities of practice will work toward common goals of improved leadership, supervision and instruction and ultimately the implementation ofstrategies to improve student learning, particularly as they relate to the classroom environment.

  • Expansion of the provision by the National Institute for Education and Training (NIET) of in-service professional development to thousands of Palestinian educators, including programs leading to a Professional Leadership Diploma for up to 300 LTD school principals and a Professional Diploma in Education for approximately 2,500 teachers from grades 5-10 in five disciplines:  Arabic, science, math, English and technology education. 

  • Launch of an in-service training program by the Department of Supervision and Qualifications for existing supervisors in order to improve teacher supervision through an emphasis on improving instruction, increasing teacher satisfaction, use of authentic assessment, and the establishment of learning communities.

  • Creation of a sustainable school improvement networkthat will foster the development of leadership capacity among Palestinian schools and districts beyond the lifespan of the program.

  • Expansion of the program in 2016 to include 151 new public schools, covering 30% of all public schools in the West Bank.

  • Emerged with a newly revamped evaluation system and grading scale for students to better capture their skills, attitudes, creativity, and abilities in the classroom in coordination with the Ministry

  • Launched the "Coding in Classrooms" Program across the West Bank, providing students with classes on the use of programming languages that are used in their daily leassons and to build their cognitive capacity in critial thinking, problem solving and creavitity. 


Program Activities and Results

  • During its first full program year, LTD supported MOEHE’s goal of building the capacity of the National institute for Education and Training (NIET) and provided technical support for NIET’s delivery of school-based in-service training to over 400 underqualified teachers in mathematics, science, Arabic, English, and educational technology. It also supported the development of a new national teacher training and licensing program, as well as leadership training for 88 principals and a training of trainers program for more than 50 teacher/educators at NIET.

  • During its second full program year, LTD continued to make important progress in supporting the MOEHE’s goal of building the capacity of NIET and other key ministry departments. LTD helped NIET establish a National Cadre of Teacher Educators; this team of expert trainers, in turn, delivered high quality professional development during 2014 to some 232 school principals and more than 850 teachers of mathematics, science, Arabic, English, and technology education who were taking part in a new national teacher licensing program co-designed by LTD. LTD’s activities also focused on improving the alignment of policies, structures, processes, and practices in order to strengthen cooperation between district and school leadership. In this regard, LTD achieved a major accomplishment in 2014 when the Ministry of Education decided to create District Leadership Teams that will support and sustain high quality school improvement focused on enhanced learning for all students.

  • LTD continues to  accomplish  substantial achievements through its work with Palestinian schools and the MOEHE. In 2016, LTD expanded its work into the area of classroom assessment, emerging with a newly revamped evaluation system and grading scale for students to better capture their skills, attitude, and creativity in the classroom. LTD's partnership with MOEHE was further developed through LTD's support in enhancing the capacity of the Ministry's IT department through developing a Single-Sign On system for internal processes in addition to supporting the public relations department at the Ministry and the directorates to build their capacity in PR tools.

  • In 2017, LTD continues working towards enhancing policies, strucutures and systems within the MOEHE to support leadership and teacher development. LTD laumched Cohort IV, which include 151 new schools and principals and 730 new teachers. At the central Ministry level, LTD continues  to promote decentralization efforts towards implementing a national school decentralization policy that seeks to restructure the system of schoolmanagement. Furthermore, LTD works closely with support the District Leadership Teams (DLTs) to improve student learning in vairous areas.  LTD has also continued to support schools in strengthening the integration of ICT in teaching and learning, by continuing to provide technology support to all Cohort IV schools and providing 147 IT suprervisors with equipment and training that focused on ICT to enhance teaching and learning. Furthermore, LTD launched the "Coding in Classrooms" Pilot Program in 33 schools, providing students with lessons in programming languages to build their skills and cognitive capacity. The wide success of the program brought on a request by the MOEHE to expand the program across the West Bank, covering 426 schools in 15 districts.