Professional Fellows Program
We are not currently accepting applications. Please check this page for updates.

Are you an entrepreneur or a social innovator?

Do you own or manage a small or medium business and are investing in innovative socially conscious products and programs?

Are you working in an NGO dedicated to workforce training and development, increasing the role of marginalized populations in the economy, building financial literacy, training in technology and other efforts?

Are you working at a university incubator, accelerator, job-readiness program or in economic development?

Do you work for a government agency, ministry, national policy office, or a think tank? 

The Professional Fellows Program (PFP) is a fully-funded fellowship in the U.S. to develop your skills and learn:

  • Effective practices in business management;
  • Principles of social entrepreneurship;
  • Best practices from American colleagues in workforce development;
  • Increase the ability to think “outside of the box,” and spark creative, innovative approaches to problems, products, and marketplaces;
  • Acquire new strategies to engage effectively with policymakers and government officials; and
  • Form new strategic partnerships.

PFP is a six-week program, including two weeks of intensive training and four weeks of fellowship placement at an organization in Washington D.C.

Who is eligible?

Eligible candidates:

  • Are currently employed
  • Are 25-40 years old
  • Are citizens and residents of Lebanon
  • Speak fluent English
  • Demonstrate initiative, openness and flexibility
  • Have at least two years’ work experience in your field
  • Have strong leadership skills and commitment to community
  • Are able to convene 25 or more colleagues for post-trip briefings, presentations, and project work

Application Deadline:

The deadline for this year's round of applications was April1, 2018.

All applications should be submited online at

Contact Details:

For more details, please contact AMIDEAST via:


       Phone: 01-989901, ext. 234 or 236