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Presentation Skills

    Presentation Skills Workshop

Speaking in public is becoming more and more required in our business world and daily life. Working professionals in all fields and positions are often required to prepare and deliver presentations during team or company meetings. Effective presentation skills have become vital for advancing professionals in their careers, as managers place a high value on employees’ ability to present ideas clearly and captivatingly. 

Mastering techniques for delivering your ideas and dealing with the fear of public speaking are skills that can be learned through this workshop, where you will develop your presentation skills by learning the principles of presenting, practicing tested techniques, and utilizing the technological resources available.

People forget over 80% of what they hear… make your presentations memorable!

After completing Presentation Skills, the trainees will be able to:

  • Assess personal weaknesses and fears in public speaking
  • Understand the basic principles and elements of successful public speaking
  • Get familiar with the presentation tools that can be used 
  • Use body language and voice for an optimal impact
  • Gain confidence and mental strength to deal with any audience
  • Practice public speaking in a safe and positive mindset

Workshop Details:

Cost:          $300 (includes training fees, materials, & coffee breaks)

Payment:   Cash, check or wire transfer
Deadline:   First come, first serve

Trainer Profile:

The trainer is both an entrepreneur and a university instructor at USJ with over 12 years of experience in Human Resources Management. She has worked with several companies including recruitment firms and multinational organizations. In addition to her certifications in several specialized areas, she is a certified trainer from the UK and delivers a variety of soft skills training topics including management and behavioral skills. Using a participative approach, she delivers substantial content which encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

For more information or to register, please contact Raya Kalash at +961-1- 989901 or at