Human Resource Management Workshops

Why Human Resource Management Series?

In today’s competitive business environment, human resource management (HRM) has shifted from being a business function to a strategic tool as organizations increasingly recognize its contribution to organizational performance. HRM’s role is no longer restricted to serving personnel issues but is now serving strategic company objectives and goals as well. Business leaders are starting to perceive HRM as a unique source of competitive advantage through its direct impact on employee productivity and motivation.

In Lebanon, many companies continue to hold traditional views of HRM and consequently fail to capitalize on its full potential. In response, this series develops participants’ understanding about the strategic role that HRM can play in achieving high organizational performance.

The series explores advanced and emerging issues in human resource management, including the strategic role of modern human resource management, trends in recruitment, trends in human resource development, trends in career management, and global HR best practices. The seminar will be delivered using a combination of lectures and group discussions in an interactive learning environment.

The series is recommended for human resource professionals, managers and supervisors, entrepreneurs, as well as business people who want to expand their knowledge of human resource management.

Registration for this workshop is currently closed. Please check this page for future workshops.

Hire the Right Talent! 

Hiring the wrong candidate can be very costly for the organization. Where to find the right talents, how to assess their potential, which selection techniques to use and how to read people well are all skills necessary to build strong teams and reduce turnover. This interactive workshop introduces participants to the best recruitment practices in a professional environment. With a hands-on participatory approach,the workshop will include the basics of recruitment and selection, the challenges in finding the right candidates, and the selection process based on the competency-based interviewing method.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Implement effective interviews and assessments
  • Master interviewing techniques
  • Utilize the different tools and techniques for recruitment
  • Evaluate human biases and avoid misconceptions
Audience:  Professionals who work in human resources or recruitment, or anyone involved in the hiring process.
Venue:        AMIDEAST Training Center
Cost:          $220 (Includes training fees, materials, and coffee breaks)

This workshop is currently closed. Please return to this site for future workshops, or contact AMIDEAST at +961-1-989901, ext. 132 or at to assess your needs.