Ten good reasons to study at AMIDEAST:

  1. AMIDEAST is an American non-profit organization with over 60 years of education experience in the Middle East and North Africa.
  2. We have trained over 20,000 students in Kuwait since our inception.
  3. Unlike other English programs in Kuwait, all of our teachers are selected based on a rigorous hiring process and proven instruction capabilities with strong results.
  4. Our teachers employ an interactive approach to their teaching and a strong emphasis on practical, real-life communication.
  5. Our focus is on your individual needs and we utilize adaptive teaching methods to meet your unique learning requirements.
  6. We place strong emphasis on class participation and practice to ensure that students are comfortable with both, the spoken and written language.
  7. We have classes tailored to every level of English from beginner to advanced.
  8. All classes take place in our brand new facility centrally located in Sharq with enhanced computer software and audio/video technologies to assist in the learning process.
  9. In addition to general English courses, we also offer tailored courses in Business English as well as industry-specific courses.
  10. All of our teaching materials up-to-date materials on American culture and dialect.

Three simple steps towards improving your English:

  1. Come to our office
  2. Take a placement test
  3. Register for the class that best meets your needs

For more information on how AMIDEAST can help you, please call +965-2247-0091 or email us at training@amideast.org.  If you would like to register for a placement test, please visit our office in Sharq.  To view our office location, please click here.