Time Management


Time Management Workshop


Course Description

This Time Management workshop will teach you how to maximize your productivity by organizing and executing around priorities. You will focus on what is most important relative to your organization’s goals and values, and break away from the urgency addiction. You will have a clearer vision of what you want to accomplish in your personal and professional life. In addition, this workshop will give you the tools to become more effective in planning and executing your monthly, weekly and daily work.

Course Objectives

  • Manage human energy first, and then manage time.
  • Focus on what is important verses what is urgent – the time matrix
  • Set and accomplish meaningful and SMART goals
  • Promote value-based prioritization
  • Manage and control emotion and stress
  • Improve productivity through delegation with commitment
  • Improve concentration and efficiency during time pressure and heavy workload
  • Break indecision and procrastination habits
  • Manage time in taking account cultural consideration (task verses people oriented)
  • Utilize planning tools to do effective weekly and daily planning
  • Engage your team throughout the process of balancing and prioritizing workload.

Who Should Attend?

Business professionals who want greater control of their time, management style and life.


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