Presentation Skills



Workshop Overview

Presentations can be challenging – most of the time you will be the only person talking. In a conversation or a meeting you can sometimes take time to think of a question or what you would like to say. In a presentation, on the other hand, every pause can feel like an eternity! It therefore pays to be very well prepared.

This workshop will help you with the language of presentations – how to introduce yourself and the topic, how to describe visuals you may include in your presentation and much more. In addition you will master the various techniques that make up effective presentations, including brainstorming and organizing ideas, tailoring content to an audience, designing powerful visual aids, planning for adequate facilities, and stimulating audience interest.

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Please note:

Students first need to take a placement test before they can register for classes above to determine their English Language aptitude score. 

To check the available times & days to take the placement test, please click here

Exam cost is 15 JDs

Exam information:


  • 70 min duration
  • Computer based test (test taker must know how to use the computer)
  • 2 parts (Reading, listening)
  • Between 40-45 questions
  • Total score is from 120
  • Candidate must have an email address in order to access the test (if the candidate already used the same email address before he will not be able to access the test)


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