What is the TOEIC® test?

The TOEIC® exam is a two-hour English language proficiency examination for people whose native language is not English. It includes 200 multiple-choice questions divided into two sections:

Listening Section: 100 questions with audiocassette. Statements, questions, short conversations, and short talks in English are followed by questions. This section lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Reading Section: 100 questions. You will read a variety of materials and respond to questions about their content. This section takes about 75 minutes.

The TOEIC test is designed to indicate how well people can communicate in English with others in the workplace. It does not require specialized knowledge or vocabulary beyond that of a person who uses English in everyday work activities. The TOEIC examinee handbook has further details on test content.

Where do I get a TOEIC handbook?

The AMIDEAST/Iraq office in Erbil and AMIDEAST representatives in Baghdad and Basra maintain a supply of TOEIC Examinee Handbooks with information about the TOEIC test. Information on the exam content is also available at the ETS website. Please follow this link:

Where and when can I take the TOEIC test?

AMIDEAST/Iraq does not yet have a fixed schedule for this test. However, we can arrange special administrations of the test in Erbil, Baghdad, or Basra. Please contact us at to request a special test administration one month before the desired test date. Alternatively, you may register by clicking here.

How do I register?

The TOEIC test is administered in our offices in Erbil, in Baghdad, and in Basra  You can register by clicking here.

What are the TOEIC Test Fees?

TOEIC test fees are collected from the test-taker on the day of the exam. For information regarding current TOEIC test fees, please contact

How do I prepare for the TOEIC exam?

It is important for you to be familiar with the kinds of questions asked on the TOEIC exam. To prepare:

Do the sample questions in the TOEIC examinee handbook.

Purchase a TOEIC test preparation book from AMIDEAST:
Book title: How to Prepare for the TOEIC Test with Audio CDs
Price: 51000 ID (Iraqi dinars) or $34.

Take a TOEIC preparation course from AMIDEAST/Iraq Erbil

To purchase a book from AMIDEAST, please visit:

  • The AMIDEAST office in Erbil. The office is located in Ainkawa Neighborhood close to Ashtar TV, near Mar-Youhannah church, mobile +964 770 645 2275.
  • The AMIDEAST office in Baghdad. To register for a test, please contact or call +964 750 620 0215 or +964 0780 620 9267
  • The AMIDEAST office in Basra. AMIDEAST representative in Basra is at the University of Basra, Bab Al-Zubair Compound, in Institute of Live Languages every Monday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. For any questions, please contact 

 What do I do on the day of the test?

Arrive at the testing site at least 30 minutes before the assigned time. Check-in procedures take time. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted to the test, and you will forfeit your test fees.
Bring photo bearing identification.

What about my scores?

You should receive a TOEIC score report detailing your scores on the exam three weeks from the test date. When issued, TOEIC score reports will be distributed by AMIDEAST in Erbil at the AMIDEAST office, in Baghdad, and in Basra at the University of Basra/Bab Al-Zubair Compound at the Institute of Live Languages.

Questions about score reports should be directed to AMIDEAST. Scores are confidential and will be released only to you.