TOEFL® Practice Online
As every student knows, practice makes perfect when it comes to improving language skills. While learning English can be challenging, it is also a guaranteed passport to discovering greater academic and personal success. That is why ETS has developed the TOEFL® Practice Online, an official resource designed to help you practice your English language skills and do your best on the TOEFL iBT® exam.
Get the real TOEFL® exam test-taking experience with the only official practice test TOEFL® Practice Online.
  • Contains previously administered TOEFL iBT test questions
  • Exclusive scores for Reading, Listening, and Writing received instantly. (E-RATER is used for Writing, SpeechRater for Speaking).
  • Products can be use in timed or untimed mode; timed mode simulates the real TOEFL iBT; untimed is better for practice
  • In untimed mode, users can select options in Reading and Listening that will allow you to check the correctness of your answers, and indicate whether you have guessed or not. You can respond to as many questions as you want per online session.
  • The products are all one-time use. That means in timed mode, if you exit the test before it is completed, you cannot return to it. In untimed mode, you can exit and restart as many times as you wish. However, once you complete it, you cannot use it again.
  • Score reports that contain both scores and performance feedback that describes performance (will provide feedback on how to improve in the future); score reports allow users to return to any question to view the correct answers
  • Free membership includes access to discussion boards and TOEFL access study abroad community
  • Free TOEFL iBT Test Question Sampler, consisting of sample questions in each of the four skill sections. TOEFL iBT Sampler will only be available to TOEFL iBT test registrants (after they have registered and paid for the TOEFL iBT test)

TOEFL® Practice Online fees: EGP 800

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Refund Policy

  • Clients are entitled to 100% refund if class is cancelled.
  • Clients are entitled to 90% refund if cancellation request is submitted to CS 3 business days before class start date.
  • No refunds are permitted if cancellation occurs less than 3 business days before class start date.
  • Clients are permitted to defer their class enrollment if request is submitted to CS 3 business days before start date. Client has six months to register or purchase AMIDEAST service with the same value.
  • Books – Placement tests – Private Tutoring – Promotions and offers are Non- Refundable.