Exchanges and Scholarship Programs Management

Exchange and scholarship programs managment: 

The AMIDEAST Exchanges and Scholarship Unit administers various scholarship and exchange programs for talented Egyptians with the purpose of expanding their knowledge and broadening their prospectives through education or training in the United States. These opportunities have made a great impact on the development of the Egyptian community. These programs are designed and tailored according to the Egyptian labor market so that the participants are well integrated within the community and able to develop their own career paths upon their return. Such opportunities target individual from various backgrounds and socio-economic statuses, but particular attention is given to empowering those who are marginalized.

Since 1980:

Because of the organization’s expertise in the education field and knowledge in scholarship management, AMIDEAST was selected by the Egyptian government to administer the PEACE Fellowship from 1980-1985. Through the PEACE Fellowship, 1500 young Egyptian professionals received training and postgraduate education at reputable schools throughout the United States in the fields of Agriculture, Architecture, Business Administration, Economics, Engineering, Medicine and Public Wealth. In addition AMIDEAST administered the Ford Foundation New York – International Fellowships Program (IFP) from 2010-2013, which awarded fellowships to Egyptian graduate students to pursue a university education internationally or locally. Recipients were selected from underdeveloped communities lacking accessibility to higher education. The purpose was to build a group of exceptional future leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to improve their respective communities.