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Below are a few of the most essential Web sites for students from the Middle East/North Africa preparing for U.S. study admissions tests.

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Examinations for Undergraduate Credit: DSST and CLEP

Over 2,900 accredited colleges and universities in the United States will award undergraduate course credit for success on the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) developed by the College Board and/or the DANTES Standardized Subject Testing Program (DSST) offered by Prometric. Some will grant as much as a full academic year of credit for success on such examinations, saving you significant time and money.

Both tests are offered in limited overseas locations, including all AMIDEAST EducationUSA centers. Many U.S. colleges and universities also have centers that administer the tests and will grant credit for these tests, not only at the time of admission but also later in the student’s academic career.

Below is a list of the subjects for which CLEP and DSST tests are available. Check with U.S. colleges and universities in which you are interested to obtain the most current and complete information on their policies related to awarding undergraduate credit for these examinations.

Exam Subjects Available

Sciences and Mathematics
Astronomy (DSST)
Biology (CLEP)
Calculus (CLEP)
Chemistry (CLEP)
College Algebra (CLEP)
College Mathematics (CLEP)
Environment and Humanity (DSST)
Fundamentals of College Algebra (DSST)
Here’s to Your Health (DSST)
Natural Sciences (CLEP)
Physical Geology (DSST)
Precalculus (CLEP)
Principles of Physical Science I (DSST)
Principles of Statistics (DSST)

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Questions and Answers on Testing

Start with our page on U.S. Admissions: Testing, which covers the most frequently asked questions on this subject.

Below are additional questions we’ve answered about U.S. study-related testing requirements and options. Each month, we add any new questions that we’ve responded to on this subject, so check back for more.

If you have questions not currently answered on our site, please write us.

How can I prepare for exams?

Most U.S. entrance examinations assess fundamental skills in language, critical thinking, and mathematics that provide a base for building academic knowledge. Strong knowledge of English is probably the most essential prerequisite for international students. English language training involving integrated exposure to the different skill areas (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and exposure to “real life” English, whether through conversations with native speakers or even watching television and movies, will help prepare you not only for tests but also for U.S. academic campus life. Be sure to brush on college-preparatory level mathematical skills as well.

Some other examinations, such as the SAT Subject examinations at the undergraduate level and GRE Subject examinations at the graduate level, require more specific subject area knowledge. Check what content areas any such exams you are taking cover and be sure you have a solid background of knowledge in those areas.

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These articles for students from the Middle East/North Africa look at U.S. study-related testing requirements and options. Please also see our Fields of Study section for more on testing requirements and options for specific areas of study and careers.

We will be updating and adding material to this web site so be sure to visit regularly.

If you have questions not currently answered on our site, please write us or contact your nearest AMIDEAST office. AMIDEAST can provide information and help you prepare and register for most academic and professional examinations.

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