building brighter
futures in 2019

Across the Middle East and North Africa

Across the Middle East and North Africa

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. The individuals we serve have diverse needs and goals. The challenges they face are numerous and varied. By offering a broad range of programs and services, our offices provide many pathways for those seeking the education and training that will help them lay the foundations for a brighter future.

For some individuals, a single language course or workshop makes a difference in their life trajectories.

But for thousands of deserving youth across the region, AMIDEAST's progressive series of programs provides a LADDER OF OPPORTUNITIES that enables them to build the English language proficiency and other foundational skills that unlock further opportunities for high school exchange, higher education, and new career paths.

Critically important for youth seeking guidance along the way, our teachers and other staff become trusted mentors to many of the students, graduates, and young professionals who come to AMIDEAST each year. This type of personalized support is key not only during training programs, but also through the alumni activities that we manage. By “paying it forward” to other youth, moreover, participants in AMIDEAST programs discover that they can become mentors themselves. These many pathways enable us to create the OPPORTUNITY, HOPE, AND UNDERSTANDING that help lead to brighter futures for the people and communities we serve.