Welcome to ZENITH, our new Amideast Alumni Association. In the decades since Amideast was founded, an exceptional group of thinkers, leaders and creators has passed through our educational and training programs both at home or via exchange experience abroad. The time has come for AMIDEAST to foster interaction and exchange within this group by establishing our new Amideast Alumni Association. Home country programs organized by our Amideast offices and professional development and networking offerings online will provide opportunities to learn, share, mentor and lead in inspiring and engaging ways. We hope that this will be an opportunity for personal and professional growth for all our alumni and invite you to join ZENITH and keep in touch with us and each other.

Amb. Kattouf


You joined us once, we invite you to join us again.  Sign up here to join ZENITH for free. Through events, online professional developments, shared networking, and updates from the worlds of innovation, social progress and creativity, step forward together towards a brighter future by reaching for greater professional and personal achievements.  You’ll find many ways to reach out, link up, and join the conversation.  


Dr. Naomi Abrams

What is Office Erganomics and how does this impact you?  Listen in to hear expert Dr. Abrams  who  has years of experience treating injured workers, including workers’ compensation claimants and is the Founder of Worksite Health and Safety Consultants in Maryland, USA .

Dave Streid, Kathy Brooks

Meditation – a tool for stress management with Directors Dave Streid and  Kathy Brooks,  Washington DC TM Center