Welcome: Taiga Nishida, Education Abroad Intern


AMIDEAST Education Abroad is happy to introduce our new intern, Taiga Nishida!

Taiga is originally from Shizuoka, Japan, but has lived in both Malaysia and Indonesia for over 10 years. Taiga became interested in intercultural communications from an early age inspired by his father’s work for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). At JICA, his father was stationed in several places around the world helping oversee international development and aid projects. Taiga became fascinated in every country his father traveled to. Afghanistan was one of these places. Through learning about the history and culture of Afghanistan, Taiga developed a particular interest in peacekeeping and later on in the Middle East. From here, Taiga was accepted to study at Tokai University, Japan in the Department of International Studies. At Tokai University, over 200 students from the Middle East were studying abroad which gave Taiga the opportunity to develop a more in-depth knowledge on the MENA region through cultural discussions.

To build up his international career experience, Taiga attended several study abroad programs. In 2016, he participated in the Disney International College Program held in Orlando, Florida. Taiga gained valuable insight on what is it like to work overseas while taking Disney business classes. For this year, Taiga is participating in The Washington Center Program in Washington D.C. to deepen his understanding of international development through his internship placement at AMIDEAST Education Abroad. After interning at AMIDEAST, Taiga plans to graduate from Tokai University and apply to graduate school to research international relationships in conflict areas. His future career goal is to work at an international developing agency.