AMIDEAST Need-Based Scholarships

AMIDEAST Education Abroad Need-Based Scholarships are awarded in the form of a program fee reduction and range as follows: 

  • $1,000 to $5,000 for semester programs,
  • $500 to $3,000 for summer programs, and
  • $250 and $1,000 for short term programs.

In exceptional circumstances, higher awards may be given.

Scholarship Eligibility for Need-Based Scholarships

Funding is available only to citizens and permanent residents of the United States. Scholarships are awarded only to students participating on an AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs. Students must submit a completed scholarship application and a complete program application by the published deadlines.

Scholarship applications from all qualified students will be considered. However, preference will be given to applicants who fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • First-generation college students and/or members of groups that historically have been underrepresented on study abroad programs including LGBTQIA+ individuals 
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Demonstrated academic excellence
  • Currently enrolled at a college or university that is either a member of the AMIDEAST Academic Consortium or an AMIDEAST Affiliate.

Please note, the above criteria are NOT requirements for a scholarship applicant. Students from all institutions and backgrounds are eligible for AMIDEAST Scholarships. Students are encouraged to use the essay portion of the application to explain in detail their eligibility and financial need. 

Scholarships will be awarded for one term only (see notes section below). Participants in multiple AMIDEAST programs must re-apply for future scholarships after the initial program award. For summer programs, awards are determined based on the number of sessions a student is participating on. AMIDEAST reserves the right to adjust scholarship awards should a student change their program participation.

Application Process for Need-Based Scholarships

To be considered for a Need-Based Scholarship, please submit the required documents by the appropriate deadline. A complete application includes the following:

  • Completed Scholarship Application Questionnaire on the AMIDEAST Student Portal
  • A complete Financial Aid Advisor Form which should be downloaded from the "Materials" section of your Need-Based Scholarship application. There are sections both for you and the Financial Aid Office at your home institution to complete. After this form is complete, it should be scanned and e-mailed to

Responsibilities of Need-Based Scholarship Recipients

Each recipient of an AMIDEAST Need-Based Scholarship is required to submit a written, photo essay, or a creative product submission reflecting on his/her study abroad experience within one month of the program end date. Essays should be approximately 500-700 words in length and photo essays should include at least three photos with a short description paragraph (100 word minimum) for each photo. Creative product submissions can include but are not limited to a Facebook Live video, YouTube video, Instagram takeover, drawing, poem etc. 

NOTES for Need-Based Scholarships:

  • Scholarships are awarded for only one semester at a time. If you are an Academic Year student and receive a scholarship your first semester and would like to apply for a scholarship for your second semester, you must submit a new scholarship application by the published deadlines . In order for your scholarship to be finalized for your second semester, you must achieve a 3.0 GPA during your first semester with AMIDEAST. Summer students are awarded on scholarship for the full summer, regardless of whether they are applying for one or two sessions. Students participating in two sessions are typically awarded larger scholarships than those participating in only one session.
  • Students planning on participating on the FIE/AMIDEAST Conflict and the Struggle for Peace: Explorations in Ireland and the Middle East in Jordan are eligible only for FIE scholarships for the Peace and Conflict portion of the program. For more information, please visit the FIE Scholarship Page. Students who are planning on participating in the Arabic extension portion of this program may apply to AMIDEAST Need-Based Scholarships.