AMIDEAST Blog Abroad Scholarships

Up to four AMIDEAST education abroad students are selected to act as a "correspondents" for our semester and summer programs. These correspondents submit both creative and written blog entries based on their reflections living abroad. While developing travel and creative writing skills, students also critically reflect on their education abroad experience with AMIDEAST.

To read the blog entries of current and former correspondents, please visit AMIDEAST’s Collaborative Student Blog.

Selected bloggers derive the following benefits:

  • a $1,000 scholarship for semester students or $500 scholarship for summer students, which will be awarded in the form of an AMIDEAST program fee reduction,
  • travel writing experience and editorial support, and
  • frequent publishing on AMIDEAST's collaborative student blog and social media 

Responsibilities of Blog Abroad Correspondents

Throughout the program, recipients must submit 500-700 word written blog entries which includes at least three high resolution photographs (500 KB or larger) or creative blog entries. The creative blog entries can be in the form of a Facebook Live event, AMIDEAST Instagram takeover, YouTube video, photo essay, or creative product (drawing, painting, poem etc.). 

Scholarship Eligibility for Blog Abroad Scholarships

Funding is available only to citizens and permanent residents of the United States participating in semester-long AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs in Jordan or Morocco or summer students in the Tunsisia Learn and Serve program. Awards will be made only to students who submit a completed scholarship application and a complete program application by the published deadlines (see above).

Scholarship applications from all qualified students will be considered. However, preference will be given to applicants who fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • Has experience journaling or blogging academically or professionally
  • Displays cultural sensitivity and creativity in the sample blog submission

Please note, the above criteria are NOT requirements for a scholarship applicant. Students from all institutions and backgrounds are eligible for AMIDEAST Scholarships.

Blog Abroad Scholarships will be awarded for one semester only. Participants in multiple AMIDEAST programs must re-apply for future scholarships after the initial program award.

Application Process for Blog Abroad Scholarships

To be considered for a Blog Abroad Scholarship, please submit the required documents by the deadline indicated for each term. A complete application will include the following the completion of the:

  • Blog Abroad Scholarship application
  • Writing Sample or Creative Product submission 

The documents on the Student Portal must be submitted by the deadlines indicated for each term. Late applications will not be accepted.

Please keep in mind that applicants to the AMIDEAST Blog Abroad Scholarship are also eligible to apply to the AMIDEAST Education Abroad Need-Based Scholarships.