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In Tunisia the AMIDEAST Education Abroad EXPERIENCE is:

ENGAGING: Tunisia, the northern-most country on the African continent, is a leader of the uprisings that are popularly known as the “Arab Spring” and the country plays a significant role in regional dynamics. African, Arab, and Mediterranean, Tunisia’s diversity is one of the defining features of the socioeconomic and political landscape at the forefront of regional developments in civil society. AMIDEAST students learn about Tunisia’s unique position in the Arab World through daily exploration and their service-learning placements.

PROFOUND: Tunisia’s complex history is rooted in the mixing of cultures over three millennia, including Berber, Phoenician, Roman, Turkish, French, Italian, and Arab. Many civilizations have marked the landscape with their architecture, food, language, and means of self-identification. Students come to appreciate Tunisia’s intricacies and beauty through experiential learning and regular interaction with Tunisians.

FULFILLING: While having the opportunity to explore the cityscapes, striking deserts, and Roman ruins, students become integrated into a Tunisian workplace through a Community-Based Learning course. Students indicate a preference for a work site placement in one of three areas:  1) civil society; 2) law and politics; and 3) antiquities and cultural heritage.  AMIDEAST staff will organize service-learning placements with students during the first few days of the program as students settle into life in Tunis and enhance their Tunisian Colloquial Arabic.