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Program Management

AMIDEAST - Education Abroad in Morocco

The program is managed jointly by AMIDEAST/Morocco in conjunction with AMIDEAST headquarters in Washington, D.C. and Al Akhawayn University (AUI). AMIDEAST works collaboratively with AUI’s Office of International Programs to manage many elements of the program, including the on-site orientation, planning of special events and extra-curricular activities.   AUI manages the academic aspects of the program during the semester, while AMIDEAST/Morocco coordinates the pre-session language and culture course. Finally, AMIDEAST/Morocco, working together with AUI, provides comprehensive support to both participants and administrators in the event of any problems or unusual circumstances. Please click here to learn more about our staff in Washington D.C. and the Middle East and North Africa.


America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc. (AMIDEAST) was founded in 1951.  It has more than 20 field offices in 12 countries in the region, giving it a well-developed infrastructure, capacity, and institutional record of successful exchange programs rooted in more than five decades of in-region experience administering scholarships and exchanges on behalf of U.S. and Arab governments, private companies, and individuals.

AMIDEAST in Morocco beyond Education Abroad

Since 1979, AMIDEAST has been providing quality educational services in Morocco. With offices in Rabat and Casablanca, AMIDEAST reaches thousands of students and professionals annually through English and Arabic language courses, academic advising, standardized testing, and cultural exchange programs. AMIDEAST/Morocco has designed and administered numerous programs for youth, undergraduates, and educators, and has arranged homestays, transportation, excursions, community service, language training, professional meetings, and lectures for groups of American students.