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Regional Studies Courses

Students in the AMIDEAST Education Abroad Regional Studies in French Program in Rabat carry a 15 credit hour load each semester. All students enroll in Moroccan Arabic and select four other courses from offerings taught in French covering such diverse topics as Islam, Women in the Muslim World, North African cinema, the history and politics of Morocco and Morocco’s relationships with its European, Mediterranean and African neighbors.

Alternatively, if students would like to enroll in Modern Standard Arabic (5 credits) they could then choose to take two or three Regional Studies courses (depending on their preference). If students choose to take two Regional Studies courses they will enroll in a total of 14 credits, whereas if they take three Regional Studies courses you will enroll in a total of 17 credits. All lectures, readings and written work in this program are in French.

Students must have at least intermediate-high proficiency in French to enroll in the program. Students who wish may also enroll in Modern Standard Arabic, which is offered at seven different levels. All courses, other than Moroccan and Modern Standard Arabic, are taught in French exclusively for the AMIDEAST program, and students take classes only with other program participants.

To review Regional Studies course descriptions, please visit this page: AMIDEAST Course Catalog

Note that the courses included in the catalog are a number of possible course options. Only some of the courses will be offered each semester. AMIDEAST cannot guarantee that any specific course(s) will be offered as the course list changes each semester based on previous student interest and professor availability. As AMIDEAST programs continue to grow, new courses may be added each semester in addition to those listed below. The course descriptions listed in the catalog do not represent final offerings for any given term, but rather they are intended to give students a general sense of the scope and focus of the program. Approximately 6-8 weeks before the start of the semester, students are sent information regarding the courses that will be offered during the upcoming term through the Student Portal. A typical set of course offerings might include:

  • Colloquial Arabic (required)
  • A French Literature course (elective)
  • Community-Based Learning in the MENA Region (elective)
  • A Political Science course (elective)
  • An Economics course (elective)
  • A Women’s Studies course (elective)
  • Modern Standard Arabic (elective)
  • Media Arabic (elective)

Students can contact AMIDEAST staff prior to the program start to learn about potential course offerings in an upcoming semester.