In Egypt the AMIDEAST Education Abroad EXPERIENCE IS:

AN ADVENTURE: Despite the large number of foreigners who descend on Egypt annually, AMIDEAST exposes students to aspects of the country most visitors never see. Students live in the heart of Cairo in the neighborhood of Dokki, just a short walk from the banks of the Nile. There, students engage in experiential learning every day by shopping in local markets, haggling with taxis, and frequenting local cafes with Egyptian friends.

UNUSUAL: Very few students live and study in cities as politically important and historically significant as Cairo. As the Arab Spring events in 2011 illustrated, Egypt is at the forefront of reform and change in the Arab world. In a city as large and bustling as Cairo, students benefit from the unique support offered by dedicated program staff so that they are able to access Egypt on a level that would not otherwise be possible. 

EMPOWERING: Flexibility is de rigeur for those living in Egypt—where traffic is unpredictable, bargaining in shops is fierce, and a simple invitation to tea can turn into a daylong interaction with a new friend. Students cast aside expectations while using their newly acquired language and cultural skills to navigate new situations in a style that is truly unique to Egypt.

EXCEPTIONAL: In the center of the Arab world, students have the opportunity to learn first-hand from leading Egyptian faculty about the critically important Middle East region. AMIDEAST takes advantage of the unique environment in which its programs are held by combining classroom instruction with experiential field visits and activities in the vibrant city of Cairo as well as elsewhere in the country.

EYE-OPENING: In this unique environment, students explore a range of international and domestic issues with their professors, their fellow AMIDEAST students, and their local friends. In a world where understanding Islam is increasingly important, students have the unique opportunity to explore religious practice in a predominantly Muslim country while gaining insights into the challenges faced by minority groups such as the Coptic Christians.


"I completely grew as a person through the AMIDEAST program. It exposed me to different situations, viewpoints, and enviornments outside of my comfort zone. AMIDEAST plays a big role in who I am today and my relationship with the MENA Region."

-Egypt and Jordan 2010-11 Academic Year student