Language Acquisition

Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic are offered at multiple levels on semester and summer programs and accommodate students from beginning to advanced proficiencies.  On semester programs, Media Arabic is also offered as an elective for those students who wish to deepen their focus on Arabic language during a semester abroad. For the Regional Studies in French semester program, students may also choose Modern Standard Arabic or Media Arabic as electives.

In addition to formal learning, AMIDEAST also provides opportunities outside the classroom for students to students to improve their language acquisition. Students are paired with local peers as part of the Language Partner Program (in order to improve their conservational Arabic or French, respectively. AMIDEAST also implements a Target Language Commitment one day per week (or more depending on student interest) during which all students and staff engage with one another in the Arabic language. Lastly, as part of the program fee AMIDEAST provides pre and post program testing in Arabic Oral Proficiency.

For more information about AMIDEAST’s approach to the teaching of the Arabic language, click here.