Content Courses

Students on semester programs carry a 14-17 credit hour course load per semester and choose 2-4 content courses/Area Studies courses taught in either English or French from a wide range of disciplines.

  • All Area & Arabic Language Studies semester students in Jordan and Morocco enroll in Arabic (8 credits: Modern Standard and Colloquial Arabic) and two or three other elective courses (depending on the student’s preference). AMIDEAST offers these elective courses in a variety of disciplines taught in English including history, Middle East/North Africa studies, political science, religion, sociology, women's studies. Students must have the equivalent of four college semesters of French or more in order to take a French course.
  • Students in the AMIDEAST Education Abroad Regional Studies in French Program in Rabat carry a 15 credit hour load each semester. All students enroll in Moroccan Arabic and select four other courses from offerings taught in French covering such diverse topics as Islam, Women in the Muslim World, North African cinema, the history and politics of Morocco and Morocco’s relationships with its European, Mediterranean and African neighbors. Alternatively, if students would like to enroll in Modern Standard Arabic (5 credits) they could then choose to take two or three Regional Studies courses (depending on their preference).
  • All courses are taught exclusively for the AMIDEAST program, and students take classes only with other program participants.