Transcripts and Grades

Information about the transcript process at AMIDEAST, as well as an in-depth description of AMIDEAST grade reports versus transcripts from AMIDEAST’s School of Record (SOR), can be found below. For more information regarding AMIDEAST's SOR and Academic Oversight, please visit this page.

Academic Policies and Grade Appeals

For all AMIDEAST Education Abroad academic policies and/or to understand processes for grade appeals, students should reference AMIDEAST policies provided during the pre-departure process and/or contact us at


AMIDEAST Recommended Credits

The grades recorded for AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs are reported using the U.S. American system based on 4.0 as the top grade.

The basis on which semester credits are recommended is as follows:

15 contact hours= 1 credit
45 contact hours = 3 credits
80 contact hours = 5 credits (for Modern Standard Arabic courses)

Course numbers indicate the level of the course:

1XX= first year course
2XX= second year course
3XX= third year course
4XX= fourth year course

Credit Transfer

Questions regarding how courses completed with AMIDEAST will be counted at a student’s home institution should be directed to the relevant staff at that institution. Policies regarding study abroad and transfer credit differ from school to school and it is up to the home institution to decide how to award credit for courses completed. AMIDEAST encourages all prospective students to speak with the study abroad office on their home campus to understand the processes and policies of credit transfer at his/her particular institution.

Course Catalog

Please click HERE to view a detailed course catalog for AMIDEAST Education Abroad programs.

Course Equivalencies

When an institution receives an School of Record (SOR) transcript, the student’s courses will be displayed with the SOR course code and title. These course codes and titles vary from the official AMDIEAST course codes and titles. Please contact with questions regarding AMIDEAST-SOR course equivelancies.

Receiving Grades from AMIDEAST

Upon successful completion of an AMIDEAST Education Abroad program, students are issued either an AMIDEAST grade report by the AMIDEAST headquarters office or a transcript from AMIDEAST’s School of Record (SOR). All AMIDEAST grade reports and SOR transcripts indicate letter grades and recommended semester hours of credit. Program grade reports or SOR transcripts will not be released for students who have any outstanding financial obligations to AMIDEAST or to the program site.

As part of the application process, students indicate on the Study Abroad Advisor Form if AMIDEAST should issue a grade report or a transcript from the SOR after a program is completed. A request to receive a transcript from the SOR can only be made prior to the start of the program. Academic year students will only be charged the SOR fee once.

Inquiries about final grades or the status of grade reports or transcripts should be directed to AMIDEAST Headquarters in Washington, not to the host country program staff or to the SOR.

Grade Reports: The program grade report, approved by the Academic Consortium, is the official report provided for each student on an AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program. In addition, each program grade report is accompanied by a Grade Report Explanatory Letter.  All grade reports are authorized by the Director of Education Abroad prior to their mailing. Grade reports are sent to the address indicated on the student’s Study Abroad Advisor Form, which the students submits prior to the program start date. Home institutions receive grade reports from AMIDEAST approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks after the program end date.

IoR Transcripts: Alternatively, students can request (for an additional fee) a transcript issued by AMIDEAST’s School of Record (SOR). Should a home institution advisor indicate that a student needs to use the SOR, the student (or in some cases the institution) will be billed for this fee. Upon successful completion of a program, AMIDEAST submits final grades and credits to the SOR. Students who have requested a transcript from the SOR will be able to request transcripts from the SOR approximately eight (8) to ten (10) weeks after the end of the program. Students requiring an SOR transcript are responsible for requesting SOR transcripts directly from the SOR and for ensuring that they are sent to the appropriate office at their home institution. SOR transcripts are not sent from the AMIDEAST headquarters office. In other words, transcripts are not automatically sent from the SOR; they must be requested by the student.

AUI Transcripts:  Students who participate in a semester program at Al-Akhawayn University (AUI) will receive an official transcript from AUI. The transcript will sent directly to the student’s home institution.


Please direct any questions regarding grade reports or transcripts to

Request a Grade Report or Transcript

Grade Reports: If a student requires an additional copy (or copies) of his/her AMIDEAST grade report, he/she should complete a Grade Report Request Form.   For example, some students need to request grade reports when applying to graduate school or other students may simply wish to have a PDF copy of their AMIDEAST grade report for their personal records. Please allow up to ten business days for processing grade report requests. When submitting the Grade Report Request Form, students should indicate whether they would prefer a hard or electronic copy of their transcript.

There is no fee associated with this service for domestic shipping. If an international shipping address is requested, AMIDEAST will invoice the student for this fee. Note that copies of AMIDEAST grade reports are typically available four (4) to six (6) weeks after the program end date. Grade reports are automatically sent to home institutions of for-credit students, but are sent directly to students only upon request.

SOR Transcripts: If a student requires an additional copy (or copies) of his/her transcript from AMIDEAST’s School of Record (SOR), he/she should contact the SOR directly. Note that students should only contact the SOR after they have been notified by the SOR that grades have been posted. 

AUI Transcripts:  Students should contact AUI directly if they require an additional copy (or copies) of a transcript.

Under no circumstances will an AMIDEAST grade report be released to anyone other than the student, the student’s home institution, or another institution to which the student directs AMIDEAST to release program records.