This section is designed to assist prospective and current students, study abroad advisors, faculty members, and parents with academic questions. Should you need additional information, please contact

Academic Oversight

Learn more about the member institutions of AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs’ Academic Consortium, Arabic Language Consultant, Arabic Language Advisory Board, Local Coordinators, and School of Record. 

Arabic Language and Culture

Learn more about AMIDEAST’s Arabic language curriculum which is based on the most up-to-date approaches to language teaching. 

Modern Standard Arabic

This page is designed for incoming Education Abroad students to learn more about the placement process and textbooks required for AMIDEAST programs. Study abroad advisors and faculty may also use this page as a resource for Arabic material covered during AMIDEAST Arabic Modern Standard Arabic courses.

Colloquial Arabic

A defining characteristic of all AMIDEAST Education Abroad programs is the opportunity to enroll in Arabic dialect language courses. Find out more about Arabic dialects spoken in Education Abroad Program host countries.

Program Components

While each AMIDEAST host country has its own distinct history and local characteristics which influence each program, Education Abroad program opportunities with AMIDEAST share several distinctive features. Components include an emphasis on language acquisition, intercultural learning, cultural immersion, and a focus on the safety and security of our students.

Transcripts and Grades

On this page, current students, program alumni, and study abroad advisors can find a detailed explanation of AMIDEAST grade reports and the process by which students receive grades.