The Nahdhat Shabab Project

The Nahdhat Shabab Project is a scholarship funded by the U.S. Department of State and administered by AMIDEAST. The Nahdhat Shabab Project will train 500 Yemeni youth in vocational, professional and English language skills. The Project’s trainees will gain real-world experience in improving their communities and stimulating critical economic recovery that supports post-conflict governance mechanisms in Yemen.

The Nahdhat Shabab Project coordinates with numerous local partners and other diverse community actors through Community Advisory Boards (CABs); links 100 youth to mentors in their communities; and enables the youth trainees to become involved in 20 community rebuilding, restoration and recovery projects at selected community spaces.


Nahdhat Project Scholarship Eligibility Summary:

·         You are between the ages of 18 and 30;

·         You have completed an application and provided a copy of your national ID and a recommendation letter by the deadline;

·         You are interested in improving your vocational, professional, and English language skills at the same time; and

·         You are motivated, fully available, and committed to participate in the development of your community.


Nahdhat Project Scholarship Program Components:

·         Six months of training in vocational, professional, and English language skills;

·         An opportunity to participate in community development; and

·         An opportunity to participate as an intern in a work environment.


The Nahdhat Shabab Project is now receiving applications for training which will begin November 2017. Characteristics of successful applicants are listed on the last pages of the application available at AMIDEAST Aden offices. Following submission of an application by the deadline, applicants will be screened for eligible criteria. Short-listed candidates will be invited to an interview with members of the Community Advisory Board. The first set of scholarships will be announced in November 2017.


Scholarship applications are due by 3 PM, Thursday 19 October 2017.




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