AMIDEAST/Tunisia can assist with registration for a wide range of tests, including the GRE®, SAT®, and TOEFL® iBT, the TOEFL ITP, the TOEIC®, and the CLEP® and DSST® examination series, among others.

Registration for TOEIC, TFI, and TOEFL ITP

The TOEIC test proves your English proficiency for the international workplace while TFI offers a similar credential showing French proficiency for workplace contexts. Employers use these tests in hiring and to assess the language skills of current employees.

The TOEFL ITP allows you to check your English level and earn a certificate. It is also used by many institutions to verify English proficiency for academic purposes.

You can register online now.

Please contact us to set up a special administration for your employees, students, or other group, or for more information.

Registration for TOEFL iBT, GRE and GMAT

AMIDEAST offers the service of registering candidates for TOEFL iBT as well as the GRE. A small additional fee allows you to pay in dinars for the testing.

You may also choose to register directly at | | 

Please contact AMIDEAST/Tunisia for further details.

Local Registration Service for SAT

AMIDEAST will accept payment in local currency for SAT examinations and will assist in checking your registration forms. You may also choose to register directly with the College Board at

Please contact AMIDEAST/Tunisia or 71 145 735 - 71 145 750 - 71 145 733 - for further details.

Registration for ITP, CLEP and DSST

CLEP and DSST can help you earn undergraduate credits based on your knowledge of particular subjects. Please contact AMIDEAST/Tunisia to get more information or to arrange testing.