American Corner Intern




Title:  American Corner Intern

Location:  Tunis and Sousse, Tunisia

Start Date:  July-August 2018


Position Summary


AMIDEAST Tunisia hosts an American Corner in Tunis and Sousse which are part of the U.S. Department of State’s American Spaces Program.  The American Corner is a binational center co-sponsored by AMIDEAST and the U.S. Embassy.  In Tunis it is intended to serve both the American Spaces program and EducationUSA advising purposes.  The American Corners serve as English language libraries and cultural centers designed for sharing information about the United States, promoting foreign exchange programs and American higher education, improving English language fluency and organizing cultural activities and events.

The American Corner coordinator’s primary role is to oversee all library operations, plan and host a wide variety of free, engaging cultural programs, and work closely with AMIDEAST staff to provide accurate information for Tunisians seeking educational opportunities in the United States.  The American Corner coordinator also serves as an ambassador of US culture and AMIDEAST’s mission in Tunisia. The applicant should be well-informed on American history, politics, society, and literature in order to share diverse themes with the Tunisian public through daily cultural activities aimed at helping patrons improve their English through content-based educational events. The nature of the position is well suited to someone with experience in event planning, customer service, tutoring/teaching, and management/administration.

Key Responsibilities


  • Maintain basic library functions: checking books/DVDs in and out, processing new materials, shelving returned materials, processing new memberships 
  • Maintain a balanced environment of a study, reading, and socializing space
  • Help patrons with research, including helping them find quality resources
  • Facilitate cultural understanding
  • Proof –read documents for patrons
  • Plan and host weekly activities: Free English conversation hours, guest speakers, workshops, presentations, free film screenings ….
  • Facilitate American Corner clubs
  • Promote American Corner events and programs
  • Maintain American Corner website and Facebook page
  • Set and implement AC guidelines in order to maintain structure of educational and cultural space
  • Update the U.S. Embassy/AMIDEAST administration on weekly events and write reports detailing those activities and events
  • Attend monthly meetings at the U.S. Embassy
  • Provide monthly activity report for AMIDEAST & U.S. Embassy
  • Assist and cooperate with the Advising Department on outreach activities
  • Assist the EducationUSA Adviser holding special topic sessions related to studying in the US in the American Corner/ EducationUSA library (occasionally).  This may also include:

§  Assist Competitive College Club members with essay editing and application assistance

§  Explain college and graduate school application processes to different visitors

§  Discuss scholarship and fellowship opportunities with prospective applicants

  • Help the EducationUSA Adviser with providing the monthly statistics: library visitors, emails, event attendance.
  • Coordinate with the US Embassy American Center Director regarding hosting special events and coordinating outreach.
  • Update EducationUSA related information posted in social media: (Facebook pages, twitter, and other)
  • Manage the physical space of the AC ensuring that it is clean, professional and well-organized. 
  • Track use of all equipment and AC assets ensuring proper use, maintenance and accountability. 
  • Produce AC membership badges and manage the flow of patrons effectively and ensuring safety and security standards are adhered to. 
  • Promote AMIDEAST programs where appropriate and relevant and always in coordination with other AMIDEAST department managers.



An American Corner is required to be open 5 days per week at a minimum of 20 hours per week.  However, the American Corner Coordinator duties are meant to encompass 40 hours a week.  In Sousse, this will mean working directly under the supervision of the English Language Coordinator at least 10 hours a week.  Opening days for the American Corner are Tuesday-Saturday and the hours are approximately 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.


Qualifications and Experience

·         American citizenship and/or significant experience living in the US

·         Bachelor’s degree from a US university

·         Excellent written and oral communication skills

·         Demonstrated interest in international education and cross-cultural exchange

·         Demonstrated personal independence and initiative

·         Demonstrated interest in working/living in the MENA region

·         Experience working within a social environment that demands flexibility

·         Experience working in a customer service context

·         Experience with event-planning and managing educational programs

·         French and/or Arabic proficiency highly recommended.

  • The Sousse position is more closely aligned with the English language program in Sousse.  Consequently, experience teaching English and some form of an ESL/EFL certification is a plus. 


The American Corner Intern is a paid position with a minimum commitment of 10 months. The salary is in Tunisian dinars and is sufficient for a single person to live modestly in Tunis or Sousse.  No other benefits are provided. 


All applicants are requested to send a cover letter and resume to Ms. Annie Stetler at no later than February 28, 2018.  Interviews will be conducted by Skype in the first half of March.