TOEFL ITP® Assessment Series

 Put the power of the TOEFL® test to work in your classroom with the TOEFL ITP® Assessment Series— the world's leading program allowing institutional testing of English for academic purposes.

The TOEFL ITP tests use questions originally administered on official international TOEFL tests, allowing you to evaluate your students' English-language skills with confidence.

The TOEFL ITP tests also offer you unparalleled flexibility, convenience and reliability. These paper-based tests:

  • Contain 100% academic content
  • Measure listening comprehension, structure and written expression, and reading comprehension
  • Evaluate two proficiency levels
    • Level 1—intermediate to advanced
    • Level 2—high beginning to intermediate
  • Offer multiple test forms for testing throughout the year

New! Motivate and reward higher scoring students with official TOEFL ITP certificates.

AMIDEAST  provides the services you need. We offer quick scoring turnaround; registration and proctoring help; maintenance of test taker records; and superior customer support.

Contact the AMIDEAST office nearest you to get started with the TOEFL ITP Assessment Series. Gain the right tools to know where your students are today, so you can inspire and lead them to a successful tomorrow.


TOEFL ITP is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries, used under license.