Cyprus-America Scholarship Program (CASP)


Program Summary

Since 1981, the Cyprus-America Scholarship Program (CASP) has brought thousands of Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot students and professionals to the United States for degree programs and specialized training in fields that are vital to that country’s needs, while also seeking to promote improved communication, confidence, and trust between Turkish- and Greek-Cypriots through special bicommunal activities. The U.S. Department of State-funded initiative seeks to advance Cyprus’ economic and social development through higher education.

Main Goals

  • Expand the human resource capacity of Cyprus by providing opportunities for U.S. study at the undergraduate, and in the past, graduate levels; short-term professional training; and youth enrichment

  • Promote inter-communal understanding through workshops in conflict resolution and specially designed activities that build confidence and trust between individuals from the Turkish- and Greek-Cypriot communities


  • AMIDEAST has managed the scholarship programs for nearly 2,000 Cypriots enrolled in U.S. undergraduate and graduate programs through the CASP program.

  • AMIDEAST has planned individualized short-term training programs at U.S. institutions for several hundred mid-career professionals.

  • Hundreds of Cypriot youth have learned valuable lessons designed to improve cooperation and understanding at conflict resolution summer camps in the United States since 1998.