Professional Development


MSN focuses on the professional development of principals and teachers of English, math, and science at MSN partner schools.  The delivery of the professional development program is designed as an in-service training program to provide school teachers and principals with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach and lead more effectively within the Palestinian context. The program blends 16 face-to-face trainings, 12 learning circles, individual teacher observation and feedback sessions, and online support through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
AMIDEAST English trainers and teams from Al Quds University’s Faculty of Education are responsible for providing the training for the English, math, science, and classroom teachers.  All teachers who successfully complete the professional development training will be eligible to receive a Professional Certificate in teaching in their respective disciplines. In addition, math, science, and classroom teachers who successfully complete the program will be eligible to receive nine graduate credits from Al Quds University.  Additional university partners will be added to accommodate an increase in schools, teachers and West Bank districts.
The professional development experience for the principals aims to increase the principals’ understanding and commitment to a shared school network, provide them with continuous, high-quality training from a host of visiting experts, and enhance their capacity and stature as model school leaders in their communities.  The framework involves a series of intensive seminars addressing leadership, strategic planning, school financial management/resource allocation, student affairs, supervision of teaching and learning, community participation, and successful models of school improvement.