Education Abroad Program Senior Officer

Position Title: Education Abroad Program Senior Officer.

Reporting to: Education Abroad Program Manager.

Contract Type and Duration: One year fixed term.

Desirable Start Date: Mid of February, 2018.


Position Summary:

AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program Senior Officer helps ensure the overall quality of the student life experience in AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program (AEAP) in Jordan, including semester, summer, and customized programs. Working closely with the Program Manager (PM), the Education Abroad Team, the Director of Education Abroad, Academic Coordinator, Arabic Studies Consultant and QASID Institute, the Program Senior Officer assists in managing all aspects of the student experience during the AEAP in Jordan. 


Description of Responsibilities:

Customized Programs

  • Coordinate in a lead role all aspects of customized programs including scheduling, academics, orientation, student services, excursions, health and safety, and program evaluation,

  • Ensure that the Country Director, Project Manager, teachers, the Academic Coordinator and Program staff in Jordan as well as the Director of Education Abroad and Program staff at AMIDEAST headquarters in Washington, DC are kept informed about all aspects of customized programs,

  • In close collaboration with the PM, coordinate with the client throughout the customized program process, including design, preparation, and implementation,

  • Participate with the PM, Director of Education Abroad and the Country Director in the formulation of the program budget,

  • Manage program expenses, make arrangements for payments, and ensure that there are no cost over-run,

  • Coordinate with the Finance Department timely purchasing requisitions and payments for professors and lecturers and other program expenses. 


Program Managment

  • Assist in overall delivery of all aspects of the AEAP semester and summer programs, including academics, orientation, student services, health and safety and program evaluation,

  • Act as Acting PM when the PM is not available,

  • Coordinate functional program areas with Country Director, PM, Academic Coordinator and Program staff in Jordan as well as the Director of Education Abroad and Program staff at AMIDEAST headquarters in Washington, DC,

  • Participate in the formulation of the program budgets and manage expenses and vouchers, 

  • Coordinate with the Finance department timely purchasing orders and payments for professors and lecturers and other program expenses, 

  • Help coordinate site visits by administrators and faculty members from academic institutions in the US.



  • Assist in implementing and evaluating all aspects of the academic program, in coordination with the PM and the M&E Manager,

  • Coordinate student course registration (including the drop/add process), scheduling, textbooks, and other learning resource materials with the PM and the Academic Coordinator,

  • Coordinate and arrange for course-related field trips and speakers with the PM, Office Manager, Academic Coordinator and program faculty members,

  • Follow up with teachers on a daily basis and coordinate between Arabic teachers and QASID Institute,

  • Organize special events and lectures related to the academic program in collaboration with the PM; organize other co-curricular activities as appropriate,

  • Organize service learning opportunities for AEAP participants,

  • Prepare final syllabi for all courses after teachers have submitted them and AMIDEAST HQ have approved them,

  • Ensure that faculty report grades in a timely manner, prepare student grade reports and send them promptly to AMIDEAST HQ at the conclusion of the program. 


Student Life

  • Be available to students during regular office hours,

  • Be on the emergency response team which provides 24/7 assistance to students along with other staff members,

  • Be available for individual and group conferences with students,

  • Assist in the cultural dialogue series and other related activities,

  • Be involved in planning and coordinating of all aspects of the AEAP Student Life Program with the PM and Program Officers:

    • Coordinate visas, police registration and other legal procedures that apply to students,

    • Airport meet and greet,

    • On-site orientation program,

    • Cross-cultural information and training,

    • Housing,

    • Cultural and social activities,

    • Facilities (library, computer access, etc.),

    • Personal counseling and student adjustment,

    • Coordinate response to medical and psychological problems,

    • Conflict resolution,

    • Discipline,

    • Any other relevant areas.


Health and Safety

  • Help maintain an up-to-date list of reliable medical professionals to serve students requiring medical care,

  • Assist students with health issues including making appointments with doctors, accompanying students to medical appointments, and obtaining medication,

  • Be part of the emergency response team which handles serious health, injury or other safety related incidents and emergencies and follow the AEAP emergency response protocols and communicate with all specified parties,

  • On an ongoing basis help maintain current and reliable information concerning health and safety risks in Jordan and the Amman area specifically including program-sponsored accommodations, events, excursions, and other activities,

  • Ensure that Education Abroad Policies and Guidelines are followed, with special attention to those related to health and safety issues, 

  • Ensure that AMIDEAST and AMIDEAST/Jordan Policies and Guidelines are followed, with special attention to those related to health and safety issues.



  • Communicate promptly with PM any issues that arise regarding participants – including, but not limited to, academic difficulty, health problems, disciplinary issues, irregular attendance, or unauthorized absences,

  • Assist AMIDEAST Headquarters staff in the development of marketing materials for the program,

  • Participate in training programs organized for AEAP program staff,

  • Contribute to providing up to date communications material (pictures, news pieces, videos, etc.) to AMIDEAST/ Jordan communications specialist,

  • Any other tasks requested by the Country Director, PM, or AMIDEAST HQ team. 



The following represents the minimum set of qualifications for this position:

  • At least a B.A. from a North American university,

  • (5+) years professional work experience,

  • Strong English and Arabic language skills,

  • In-depth knowledge of Jordanian culture, history, business practices, and academic environment,

  • In-depth knowledge of U.S. culture and the mindset of U.S. undergraduate students,

  • Knowledge of U.S. academic institutions and their culture, 

  • Team-oriented—must have the ability to work closely with a team of academics and professional staff in Jordan and the US, including AMIDEAST/Jordan staff not directly involved with the Education Abroad Program,

  • Extremely strong interpersonal and student/customer service skills and the ability to resolve issues fairly, empathetically, expeditiously, and cost-effectively,

  • Ability to engender the trust and confidence of students, and be able to deal effectively with a wide variety of often sensitive issues, ensuring that all involved parties are satisfied with the resolution,

  • Ability to communicate and resolve disputes effectively with students, faculty and staff from visiting US institutions, administrators and faculty members at QASID Institute and other Jordanian institutions, members of the Academic Consortium and colleagues.  Must be able to work through and resolve a wide range of issues (some difficult/sensitive) and explain academic issues, 

  • Ability to simultaneously balance confidentiality and the need to share certain information in order to effectively resolve the range of issues that arise with students, parents and institutions,

  • Ability to exercise superior judgment when dealing with confidential information. 



  • Will be required, -on occasion- to work in excess of (8) hours per day and/or (40) hours per week,

  • Some tasks may require evening and weekend work and the Senior Officer must be available 24/7 in case of emergency,

  • Willingness and ability to travel outside of Amman frequently and outside of Jordan occasionally is essential,

  • Willingness and ability to take emergency phone calls at night and during early hours of the morning and to take necessary action including transporting students to the hospital or dealing with authorities, etc., is essential,

  • A high level of communications skills and ability to deal frequently with members of the Study Abroad team and other AMIDEAST team members,

  • This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive, and the incumbent will perform other reasonable business-related duties as assigned by the Country Director, the Program Manager and other executives when necessary.  AMIDEAST reserves the right to change duties and responsibilities as needed.


Application Method: Apply through Akhtaboot

Deadline Tues: 06/02/2018