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Program Management

AMIDEAST - Education Abroad in Morocco

The program is managed by AMIDEAST/Morocco in conjunction with AMIDEAST headquarters in Washington, D.C.

AMIDEAST works collaboratively with Mohammed V University-Agdal to oversee the academic curriculum and implementation of the program. It also manages all logistical elements of the program, including the on-site orientation, host family placement and supervision, arrangements for optional travel excursions, and the planning of special events and extra-curricular activities. Finally, AMIDEAST provides comprehensive support to both participants and administrators in the event of any problems or unusual circumstances.

Other Program Information


Upon arrival in Rabat, AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program students participate in a one and a half day orientation designed to introduce them to Moroccan culture and daily life and familiarize them with the logistics of the program. The orientation combines structured informational sessions with organized activities. Topics such as safety and health, family life in Morocco, cultural adjustment, program regulations, participant responsibilities and other essential information are all discussed during orientation.

Accommodation and Meals

Partner Institution – Mohammed V University – Agdal

The AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program in the Arab World partner in Rabat, Morocco is Mohammed V University – Agdal. 

Founded in 1917 in Rabat, Mohammed V University-Agdal is Morocco's most prestigious public university. It has over 25,000 students in its various schools, and over 5,000 in its College of Letters and Humanities, where the AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program is focused. Its faculty includes many of Morocco's pre-eminent scholars, while its students are among the most promising in the nation.

Mohammed V University-Agdal is an international academic leader, and is committed to the global exchange of ideas and people. In particular, it participates in a wide variety of bi-lateral and multi-lateral research initiatives, hosts visiting scholars from throughout the world, and works cooperatively with several international organizations, most notably the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The University is also home to a growing number of international students, most of them from other African countries.

AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program courses in Rabat are taught by a select group of Moroccan professors from the College of Letters and Humanities as well as others from other colleges of the University and from other institutions in Rabat and neighboring cities.  All have both fluency in English and experience teaching in English. All of the participating faculty received post-graduate degrees from universities in North America and Europe or have spent extended periods at English-medium institutions as students, visiting faculty or visiting researchers.

More information about Mohammed V University – Agdal can be found on its website:

Academic Calendar


Summer 2014:

MOROCCO: Intensive Arabic Session I, Summer 2014

Friday, June 13

Students Depart for Morocco

Saturday, June 14

Students Arrive in Morocco

Sunday, June 15


Monday, June 16

First Day of Class

Sunday, June 22

Course Descriptions

Arabic Courses on AMIDEAST Programs

Arabic is a diglossic language.  That is, there are two varieties of Arabic, one for reading and writing and another for speaking. The textbook series used in Arabic courses in all AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs in the Arab World, Al Kitaab fii Taallum al Arabiyya, Second Edition, introduces both varieties from the beginning to help students engage easily in their host country and learn the language as its native speakers learn it. However, in the AMIDEAST programs separate courses address two the different varieties of Arabic – Modern Standard Arabic and the local dialect. 

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