• CEFR: Summary "Can-Dos" for Employers

    Posted by English4Success | 7 August 2017 - 2:31pm | 0 Comments

    Quality language test publishers use panels of experts to map their test score ranges to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This widely set of ability levels, based on over twenty years of research, describes the skills that language learners can be expected to have at different levels of proficiency. 

    Test score users can use CEFR scale levels to set benchmarks for employment in particular positions, placement in language classes. etc. The Council of Europe (COE) has published a ...

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  • English for International Communication: What Does It Mean?

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    How is “English for International Communication,” part of the full name of TOEIC® tests, different from plain old English? For one thing, there is no “plain old English.” A native English speaker will always use one of a broad range of dialects, with its own accent, spellings, and idioms. More importantly and relevantly, native speakers are today a minority. While some 400 million people are native English speakers, non-native speakers of English are estimated to number somewhere from 470 million to over 1...

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  • New Test Format: TOEIC IP Online

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    AMIDEAST is excited to announce a brand new option in TOEIC® testing that is ideal for determining the English proficiency of job candidates, among other purposes. ETS has released online...

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  • The Case for American English

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    Once you decide that you want to learn English, you have to ask yourself: “do I want to learn American English or British English?”

    Objectively, there aren’t huge differences between American English and British English, aside from the accent. A person from Britain can easily understand a person from the United States and vice versa. However, if you aren’t a native speaker of English, the differences between the two types of English can be enormous. Americans and Brits use different words to describe the...

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  • The Big Switch: An English Only Success

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    It’s no question that in today’s global marketplace, English is a vital skill. In fact, some foreign companies have transitioned to using only English in the workplace. According to the Harvard Business Review, well-known companies such as Lufthansa, Lenovo, Honda, Technicolor, Nokia, Microsoft in Beijing, Renault, Airbus, and Samsung have all officially adopted English as their internal operational language.



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