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Academic Calendar

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to earlier start dates for the al-Akhawayn semester, MAC can no longer run without overlapping with the Christmas holiday in the US, so it is being suspended.  In its place, AMIDEAST in Rabat will be offering an extended orientation to prepare students for the experience of being directly enrolled in a Moroccan university.  This extended Orientation will carry 1 credit, and include (in addition to housing, a Rabat city tour, and sessions about important issues such as cultural adjustment, and health, safety, and security) 15 hours of darija training and 3 lecture/discussion sessions with academic experts in contemporary Moroccan social issues, politics, and culture.

MOROCCO: Moroccan Arabic and Culture, Summer 2017

 Sunday, July 30

 Students Depart the U.S. for Morocco

 Monday, July 31

 Students Arrive in Morocco and
 Move-In with Host Families

  August 1

 Orientation for Moroccan Arabic and Culture  Program1

 August 2
 First Day of Classes for Moroccan Arabic and  Culture Program

 Friday, August 4

 Excursion (Day Trip)

 August 14

 National Holiday-Oued Ed-Dahab Day
 (no classes)

 Friday, August 18

 Final Exam and Reflection for
 Moroccan Arabic and Culture Program 

  Saturday, August 19

 Students Depart Morocco2 3













1Note the three-week Moroccan Arabic and Culture Program is mandatory for all AMIDEAST Al-Akhawayn University semester education abroad students. In addition to Al-Akhawayn University bound students, the Moroccan Arabic and Culture Program is open to other students as well; whether short-term education abroad students or those planning on participating on other semester abroad programs in Morocco.

2 Students who are not participating on a fall semester program in Morocco, are free to leave the program starting on Saturday, August 19. They must move out of AMIDEAST provided housing no later than Saturday, August 19.  At the end of the program, students are free to travel either back to their home country or to other locations. After the day indicated as the day students depart (typically following the final day of the program), students are responsible for all of their own transportation, housing, insurance, and other logistical arrangements. Students should note that after the departure day noted on the academic calendar, their program-provided insurance coverage will end and they must arrange for accommodations outside of AMIDEAST host families.

3 Students who will be studying on the Al-Akhawayn University program are free to remain in Rabat or travel around Morocco prior to the start of the AUI semester. For any students who will be studying on the Area & Arabic Language Studies or Regional Studies in French program, orientation for the fall semester will begin on Monday, August 28. Orientation is mandatory.

*Note: Muslim holidays are approximate; precise dates depend on the sighting of the new moon.

All dates are subject to change.

The winter 2018 calendar will be available in mid-2017.