Employment: Internships

Internship Openings at AMIDEAST Headquarters 
in Washington DC:

General Information

AMIDEAST does not have a structured internship program. Placements in our Washington, DC Headquarters office are available according to staff needs -- generally not more than 4-6 interns each year. AMIDEAST has had both summer interns and interns who work during the school year. Most applicants are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate study programs relating to Arab/Middle East studies, international education or international development. Arabic or French language proficiency, strong English oral and written communication skills, and cross-cultural living, work or study experience is preferred.


As a non-profit organization, AMIDEAST cannot offer compensation that covers living expenses for interns in Washington, DC. Commonly, interns work as volunteers. If an intern has special skills, AMIDEAST may offer a modest stipend. AMIDEAST also participates in work-study programs arranged by students through their colleges and universities, in which AMIDEAST supplements the hourly rate provided by the program.


Interns work primarily in three areas:

  • Providing administrative support to staff managing U.S. educational and training programs for foreign students in our Washington, DC office (Headquarters)
  • Providing administrative support, conducting basic research and assisting staff in producing publications/other materials for public outreach in our Washington, DC office and 
  • Providing administrative support or assisting in advising Arab students about U.S. higher education in one of our field offices overseas.

Employment Prospects

AMIDEAST has hired some former interns and many remain with the organization for several years. The majority of AMIDEAST staff are engaged in managing U.S.-based programs in our Headquarters office. Therefore, that area offers the highest potential for future employment. Public outreach activities and our ten field offices have openings less frequently, but interested applicants may apply for jobs in any department. Candidates for employment at Headquarters must be U.S. citizens or legal residents of the U.S.

To Apply

Please submit a cover letter explaining your interests/needs, include a resume outlining study/work experience with two references to the Personnel Director, AMIDEAST, Washington, DC.

Overseas Opportunities

If you are interested in working in one of the field offices, you must apply directly to the field office of your choice. Please submit a cover letter describing your interests and needs, include a resume outlining your study and/or work experience with two references to the Country Director managing that particular field office.

To apply, please visit https://apply.amideast.org/ATS_CLIENT/